A Few Words About Us

SBT started operation in 2013 as an IT product development and services company. As a service based technological firm we set our key goal to deliver an honest and fruitful customer solution. SBT has gathered over six decades of experience focused mainly on product development, IT, Outsourcing and operations.

SBT approaches an effective and user – friendly solutions for its customers and clients. Our main focus is on to build up a secure foundation for brand new and contemporary ideas with a team of highly skillful professional and talented staffs. This is the reason our clients are increasingly using our services for a successful and potent market based solutions.

Our success is the result of our exceptionally talented team, our unmatched expertize in a broad range of cutting-edge technologies, and our deep domain expertise in software manufacturing. Our Clients and Employees choose us because we set the standard for integrity, flexibility, reliability and value in the relationships we build.

SBT provides crucial advice and assistance in software manufacturing, software development, IT service management and operations. SBT also supplies the best quality products to its customers. We value integrity, reliability and honesty in each and every interaction with our clients, our partners and with our employees.

Our Approach

SBT approaches :

  • To listen to the customer’s proper necessities over a business issue very carefully
  • To understand the substantial needs and requirements of the clients
  • To identify the root cause of the issue
  • To provide a real and bona fide solution to the problem
  • To perceive visibility and accountability to fulfill the goal

Our Values

Exceed customer expectations

We value a long – term relationship with our clients. We realize that every aspect of an issue is important and we work with utmost passion and sincerity. We focus on an effective client relationship management by rendering trust and credence. We implement qualitative and quantitative research to the clients’ issues and work on every client related problem paying the maximum attention and nobility.


We are always eager to help our clients with the most efficacious solutions we provide. This is the key of our success. Our consultative expertises are very prompt and quick in delivering an unbiased fruitful solution. We execute new ideas, recommendations, suggestions, insights, and thoughts to improve the process – oriented or to modify the technical flaws to the clients’ vast range of cutting – edge technological operations.


In this age of competitive, hectic global business environment, it is very important to maintain a coherent relationship with the clients and customers. We maintain transparency in all segments of work. We are clear in understanding the clients’ requirement of a problem. This creates an open and unambiguous relationship with the customers. We are responsible for the service we provide to our customers. we believe that this accountability and transparency is the only way we can achieve a greater success.

We provide IT services in a more cost effective manner than other IT service providers. The primary intention is the client satisfaction and success. Our professional experts are the most valuable resources of our organization. Their knowledge, experience and high level of technical skills are the only reason SBT made a distinct space in the global market.

Location Advantage

Bangalore is the IT capital of India.

According to The United Nations Human Development Report – 2000, Bangalore stands fourth among the leading 'Global Hub of Technological Innovation. Bangalore, the top hi-tech city of the world, has a population of 5.54 million spread over 530 sq.km. Business Week has placed the city among the 'Global Hot Spots' of the 21st Century. In year 1998, News Week magazine has ranked Bangalore among the world's 'Hottest Tech Cities'.

Key highlights:

  • Bangalore has a growth rate of 21%
  • It is known as the India's Silicon Valley. It contributes 33% of IT exports
  • The District is ranked as one of the top Five Technology Clusters in the world
  • The district has the potential to become a Research and Development Hub
  • Bangalore is classified as the Innovation Cluster by Word Economic Forum
  • Bangalore the most cosmopolitan city of India is the best place to 'live and work'.
  • Bangalore has been a renowned centre of learning, with many famous professional colleges, high schools, colleges and universities.
  • There are 4158 schools
  • There are 55 polytechnics in the District
  • There are 66 engineering colleges in the district.
  • 9 Universities.
  • The weather of Bangalore is very pleasant. It is situated at an altitude of 919m with 40% green cover area. It has rainfall of 89cm.