Corporate Culture

In SBT we work as a team and focus on results and quality of our services. And this quality is based on the experience of our experts. People are our main value and their knowledge - our main asset.

New staff, coming into our team, can receive valuable knowledge by practicing work as a team with more experienced and knowledgeable professionals. For employees who actively work, develop and have already proved themselves as conscientious, responsible and loyal to the company are provided specialized training by the company.

Customer Service Standards

  • We understand our customer's needs and we create and sell our products and services according to them.
  • We are very exacting to the quality of services which we provide. We want our customers to be satisfied with cooperation with us and come back to us again.
  • We strive to win the trust of our customers through service quality, professional and responsible attitude to the implementation of their commitments.
  • We always fulfill our commitments.
  • We always act in the interests of our clients and take responsibility for our actions.
  • We work hard to earn the trust of our customers.
  • We remember that each of us is «face of our company» and we adhere of correct communication with partners, suppliers and customers. Our appearance is always neat and tidy.
  • We accept and consider any feedback from the client, which helps us to adjust our actions. Due to it we increase the level of service which we provide.

OWhy work @ SBT?

  • We are a growing company that offers limitless opportunities and challenges.
  • We are a determined and ambitious team driven by integrity that recognizes and values talent and hard work, a team that fevers ability over experience.
  • SBT values personal values first involvement honesty, accuracy; and actively educates their employees.
  • You'll never find so much entrepreneurial spirit as at SBT! We focus on successful deliveries, creative approach and team work.
  • So if you're looking for a supportive work culture and the freedom to focus on your career, choose SBT.

Job Openings

1. Urgent Job Requirement For Angular JS Developer
2. Job Requirement For Technical lead (JavaScript)
3. Urgent Job Requirement For Technical lead (Scala)
4. Job Requirement For DotNet Developer
5. Job Requirement For IT Recruiter/ Technical Recruiter