IT Facility Management serves as a catalyst to integrate resources, place and process within an organization. SBT’s experienced and expert leaders encompass interdisciplinary practices to coordinate business services and provide solutions to technical issues.

Our IT Management services give a cost effective approach to our clients’ myriad IT operations. We provide desktop management, Server and backup management, Network management and security – all with a single point of accountability.

SBT’s zero hour services guarantee the availability of our expert professionals to manage clients’ dispersed facility services. Our sincerity and forthrightness comprises a well organized suite of services that exceed client specifications and strengthen their organizational environment.

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    IT Facility Management Services

    SBT is fairly devoted to each of its project, whether it is short term or long term. We always look for a long – term healthy relationship with our clients and therefore take care of every venture with equal recognition. We take the key responsibility in filling up any gap or dispute in our clients’ IT departments.

    We provide IT services in IT Helpdesk, Data Center Operations and in End – user level as per Service Level Agreements (SLAs). We ensure availability on 24x7basis and offer the best performance in the industry. Our committed engineers provide the essential L1, L2, L3 support for servers, desktops and notebooks at clients’ preferred locations. We also troubleshoot network related issues and settle them. Our onsite professionals are there to escalate and to resolve any technical issues that arise in every day operations.

    Our Commitments

    • We keep transparency and fairness in all our activities.
    • Our main objective, merely, is not to close the deal in a muddle. Rather, we solely focus on to finish it in an organized way to avoid any conflict. For that, we are very clear about the required time and space we need to accomplish them.
    • We are loyal to both of our work and to our clients. We put the best endeavor to ensure the standard and the quality of the work with the set period.
    • We create customer – friendly ambience and organize ourselves in the customer – oriented way.

    What drives us?

    • Eagerness to solve the problem.
    • Customer gratifications.
    • Inclined to build up long term relationship with the customers.
    • Take every liability for the issues we resolve for our customers.


Policies, process and Human resource management are rapidly transforming organization’s internal business prospects. Entrepreneurs need avant-garde ideas to meet cutting-edge technical solutions to speed up business expectations.

An advanced infrastructure managed service can satisfy these requirements. It ensures extensibility and compliance of your business landscape to meet the needs and deliver value.

Infrastructure Managed services optimize essential operation components like hardware, software, data and network system facilities. It provides a consistent solution to your business maintenance facilities by using the existing technological tools and upcoming trends. SBT’s Infrastructure Managed Services leverage the looming technologies to your business with an approach to provide an excellent server environment.

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    Infrastructure Management Services is the management of various IT resources such as computer hardware, software, data, network, and network and data system facilities. SBT’s Infrastructure Managed Services implement a comprehensive suite of services to the clients’ scattered computing environment and manage various dispersed resources through a single entity.

    IMS include

    Desktop Management Solutions

    This involves managing the computers, their components, parts, ingredients etc. within an organization in an effective manner. Desktop Management Suite Includes

    • Asset Inventory Management and Patch Management.
    • Desktop Data Protection, security and support.
    • Self Help
    • Help desk

    Managed Server Hosting

    SBT offers outstanding server environment, embedded management intelligence and a fast paced Return on Investment (ROI) to the organization that include

    • Application, Server and Service Monitoring.
    • Windows Event log Monitoring.
    • CPU, Memory and Disk Utilization Monitoring.

    Network Management Solutions

    Network management is the execution of the set of functions required for controlling, planning, allocating, deploying, coordinating and monitoring the resources of a network. Our transparent network managed solution diagnoses the key issues first and then resolve them in a convenient way. It includes

    • Router & WAN Monitoring
    • Switch Monitoring

    4. Managed Security Solutions

    Security services are of utmost importance to an organization’s safety needs. Each organization manages their information security system and protects them from any outside threats vulnerable to their business requirements.

    SBT manages internal security system of its client organizations. We maintain the maximum honesty and follow every rule to deliver Managed Security Solutions necessary for a secured Threat Management needs.

    SBT’s Managed Services Works

    • Step 1: IT Audit & Assessment - Discover, document and assess the existing IT infrastructure
    • Step 2: IT Remediatio - Correct problems with existing infrastructure
    • Step 3: IT Performance Monitoring - Monitor and report on the performance of infrastructure
    • Step 4: IT Support - Support for staff on IT problems
    • Step 5: IT Operational Maintenance - Operate and Maintain your IT Infrastructure

    Benefits to Your Organization

    By choosing SBT, you are open to a new purview of experienced opinion, expert consultation, high – skilled potentials and an unmatched performance that will certainly outpace the level of satisfaction you have ever desired.


Global eye always demands fanning out of business to contribute more to the prevailing competitive market. Offshore Development Center (ODC) extends this scope by outspreading your business from the onshore locations. ODC model also gives you the opportunity to choose from a colossal range of expert and skilled talents worldwide that will significantly fulfill your most essential business needs.

ODC model brings you the highest quality of talents form multiple locations with normalizing the high – rising business cost. They act as an extension of the in-house team to quicken the developmental process. ODC model ensures you of a secured and managed operational work that is endowed with ever improving business solutions.

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    Managing a task locally by onshore experts would have been much costlier. Hence, the demands of offshore professionals are getting higher for their cost effective approach without compromising in the quality solution. SBT’s dedicated poll of resources will be at your complete disposal with their unique work related solution programmes. Our technical specialists offer a greater flexibility that would lead to your organization to expand in the global market.


    Offshore Development Center

    The term ‘offshoring’ means relocating business services from one place to other. Offshoring is a popular business technique where multiple resources of an organization are decentralized and expanded from onshore location to various other places. The recent trend is that international organizations are building Offshore Development Centers in other countries to catch the global market. Offshoring in a business are useful in cutting the high – rising business cost to an affordable rate with an eye to the most essential business needs.

    Recruiting, training and managing an in-house team can prove to be a resource guzzler, not to mention that the same resources could be better employed to improve and strengthen your core business. Our offshore teams are full of top – notch people who are solely dedicated in providing the quality work timely. They are the extension to the in – house team at our state – of – the – art development centre. The collaboration would only result in enhancing business performance and potential market growth in a cost – effective manner.

    Offshore Development Center (ODC) model speeds up the developmental process in an organization. You will get a global exposure to your business solutions. The high – skilled work force across the countries will exclusively work for you and be at your complete disposal. SBT’s offshore experts are comprise of quality technical specialists, web developers, quality test engineers, technical architects and business analysts. Our clients get a greater visibility and predictability in business solutions which will lead to the market expansion.

    Benefits of ODC model:

    • Offers up to 30 – 60% savings when compared to on – site teams.
    • Delivers better quality solutions at affordable price.
    • Ready – to – use infrastructure and human resources.
    • Has a quick turnaround time.
    • Imparts high level of flexibility, transparency and scalability.
    • Complete control over the project in terms of requirements, deliverables, timeline and priorities.
    • Periodic reporting to keep you abreast with the developments.
    • Strict policies and procedures guarding intellectual property rights.


Staffing supplies dedicated and skilled resources to businesses. In today’s IT world, staff augmentation is quintessential to get the highly motivated manpower. It gives you the right platform to hire the right individual for your ever enlarging business process.

Employee management opens up a new era to effectively probe into the needs and demands of valuable employees. SBT’s Staff Augmentation process ensures to retain the perfect talent in the constantly evolving technical and business environment.

Staff Augmentation offers cost effectiveness without compromising in the quality of the resources. The primary aim is to find out the right experts who will easily be adept to you business requirements and confer to your business model.

The ample opportunities in the present IT world run the scopes for hiring highly skilled manpower. Our key focus is to meet these cutting edge technological demands at a substantial rate. Our outstanding staff augmentation process expands the possibility of your business growth and demands.

Detailed Elaboration of Staff Augmentation

‘Staff Augmentation’ is the process through which organizations outsource right staffs with right skill sets in a right point of time. People management is now a core challenge to an organization to retain their valuable talents and knowledge professionals. The current competitive business market has forced the companies to protect their skilled manpower due to availability of ample opportunities to the right resources with right expertise.

‘Staff Augmentation’ is the process through which organizations outsource right staffs with right skill sets in a right point of time. People management is now a core challenge to an organization to retain their valuable talents and knowledge professionals. The current competitive business market has forced the companies to protect their skilled manpower due to availability of ample opportunities to the right resources with right expertise.

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    SBT’s Staff Augmentation Services include:

    • Staffing.
    • Project Management.
    • Recruitment Process Outsourcing.

    SBT implants:

    • In – depth verification of educational background and experience.
    • Competitive salary packages and incentives..
    • Proactive performance management.
    • Development of behavioral competence.
    • Empowerments through feedback mechanism.
    • Internalization of core values of customer orientation.
    • Incentives for lifelong learning.
    • Shared responsibility of account management.
    • Cost – effectiveness.

    SBT provides innovative and flexible staffing solutions for the technological needs of every industrial sector. SBT’s Staff Augmentation process is maintained in a systematic way through which we validate, identify, make Screening, schedule interview and make all necessary onboard arrangements for them.

    • Validate: We validate client information such as business unit, business sponsor, work location, work schedule, dress codes, approximate start date and desired completion date.
    • Identify: The candidate profile is then distributed to the local recruiting team which will attempt to match the candidate profile as against the consultant database.
    • Screening: We verify every minute information of the candidate before submitting them to the client for the review.
    • Interview and Onboard: We coordinate client interview for all qualified candidates. For the successful candidates, our Human Resource team processes all of the paperwork including employment letter/ consulting agreement, benefit enrollment, tax forms, legal documents etc. An annual assessment is done every year containing the progress report and feedback of the employees by their immediate practice manager. It ensures the inclusive growth both for the interest of the resources and the organization.